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Buy Green Energy

Two non-profit organizations, the Center for Ecological Technology (CET) and Masschusetts Consumers Alliance (Mass Energy) have teamed up to offer New England GreenStart, a program that supports the development of clean, local renewable energy sources. Williamstown residents can sign up for New EnglandGreenstart through the GreenUp program offered by National Grid. New England GreenStart customers pay a premium of approximately $6-$12 per month on top of their normal electric bill. The additional money goes to Mass Energy, who then matches the customer's electricity use with a local renewable energy source through the purchase of renewable energy certificates (RECs). For more information about how NewEnglandGreenstart uses the premium to support renewable electricity, see the NewEnglandGreenstart page.

Solar panels on the Milne Public Library

Not only does participation in NewEnglandGreenstart encourage renewable electricity generation, for every dollar you pay for NewEnglandGreenstart, the town of Williamstown receives 57 cents from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative Clean Energy Choice program to help fund clean energy projects in the community. The solar panels on the Milne Public Library were made possible in part by the matching funds from the Clean Energy Choice program. In addition, for those who itemize, you can deduct 57% of your premium from your federal income tax.