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Change a Bulb

The town's Climate Action Plan calls for every household to install at least five compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs), for a total goal of nearly 15,000 bulbs. CFLs use roughly a quarter of the electricity as an incandescent bulb to generate the same amount of light.

In recent years, the cost of CFLs has come down considerably - some CFLs cost as little as 79 cents - and the quality of the light has also improved. Because the bulbs contain a small amount of mercury, they should be disposed of safely. They are accepted for disposal at no cost at the Williamstown Transfer Station.

Electricity production is a major source of CO2, producing nearly 40 percent of the U.S.'s total, so switching to more energy efficient bulbs is a simple way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If every household in Williamstown were to switch five ordinary incandescent bulbs to CFLs, it is estimated that this would prevent nearly 3 million pounds of CO2 emissions each year.