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Earth Week Events

April 18: LoLunchCambriaInnovation: Biologfor a Cleaner Planet,MatSilver ‘01, CEO anfounderCambriaInnovation. 12:00-1:00 pm,The Log, 78 Spring Street. Lunch reservations ($4) thru url oby

April 22: EARTHDAY!  Keynote Address: The CarbonCurse: Resisting thAddictivLuroFossiFuels, MichaelKlareHampshirCollegand author of The Race forWhats Left, Blood for Oil and other titlesSponsored byThursday Night Grassroots (TNG) and CES. 7:30 pm,PareskAuditorium. Refreshments.
Purple Bike Coalition and Rentals will be hosting the Earth Day Bike Bash from11:15-1:45 on Paresky steps: home-made Norwegian waffles, bike-related beverages, free bike repairs by our mechanics and our friends from the Spoke shop, bike maps, bike commuting advice, and free bike lessons on our rental pedal-less bike. Learn about the future of bikes on campus, including cargo bikes, bike paths, and bike racks.  If you're interested in learning some specific skills, we're planning a fix-a-flat and other emergency repairs class at 12:00.
April 23:ThSixtExtinction:  AUnnaturaHistory
ElizabethKolbertauthorreading from her new bestselling book with discussiotfollowSponsorebthCenter for EnvironmentalStudies.  5:30-7 pm, WilliamCollegMuseum oArt, Rotunda. Refreshments
April 25: LoLunch: Ocean-ClimatDynamics: Using Carbon -14 toReconstruct Past Ocean Circulation in the Bering Sea, Paul de KonkolyThege ‘14, 12:00-1:00 pm, The Log, 78  Spring.   Lunch reservations ($4)thru ur