Apply a Starter Fertilizer. Cut your grass to approximately 1 inch high. This also encourages good seeds-to-soil contact important for germination. Dig up zoysia from your lawn and remove as much of the root system as possible. Proper weed control and adequate irrigation are musts if overseeding is attempted in midsummer. If the Centipede is in a specific area, it can be killed with Round Up (which kills everything) and you can seed with Fescue 7 to 10 days later. Apply 10 lb balanced lawn fertilizer or Super-Sod’s “Total Lawn Food 5-10-30 Plus Iron” per 1,000 square feet. Only overseed fescue lawns with fescue grass seed; fescue is not very invasive and your lawn will end up looking patchy if you use two types of grass. Plant in mid to late spring or early summer. Overseeding Fescue grass with more Fescue seed is a good way to develop a more robust lawn in a short period of time. Over-seeding Centipede Lawns with Winter Rye. You can also add a light layer of mulch over grass seeds to protect them from being chewed by birds or being washed away by rain, specially if planting on slopes or hills. Seed in midspring to midsummer. Annual ryegrass is a coarse grass with shiny, medium-green leaves. Apr 30, 2014 - How to Overseed With Centipede Grass. (1) Mow your lawn as close as possible and remove the excess clippings with an iron-rake that will also scratch your site soil, preparing a home for the seed. Basically it’s a terrible idea to plant rye grass into centipede grass to keep it green in winter. If you were overseeding with the same product, you would scale it down to 2-5 lbs. They are both labled for centipede as well. Tall Fescue usually thins out every summer and needs reseeding every year. Measure the length and width of the area you want to plant centipede grass over and multiply it to determine the area in square feet. Best time to overseed lawns in the south. A buildup of thatch can prevent water and nutrients for reaching the soil. By then, warm-season Bermuda usually has grown back, thereby allowing homeowners with this turf mix to maintain green lawns all-year-round. This makes it easy to purchase the required amount of centipede seed for over seeding. Fine fescue is a relatively delicate grass that should be mixed with other species to improve its survivability over the winter, whereas tall fescue seeds can be used on their own or in combination with bluegrass species. Wait to do this until the ground thaws so you can easily remove the roots. Northeast lawns need grasses that prefer cool temperatures and naturally resist diseases prevalent in this region. Overseeding Fescue Lawns. It can also grow in a sunny area, but not as successfully as in partial shade. Converting Cool & Warm Season Lawns To Zoysia Grass. Cover crops can prevent weeds from growing, while protecting the soil. Fescue. Fescue grass varieties are often used for overseeding. Step 2 Remove thatch from the lawn. Fescue in general is a better over-seed variety to use (not rye grass). Rake the seeded area lightly to ensure the seeds are covered ¼- to ½-inch in soil. Soil temperatures in the fall are still warm, which promotes optimum seed germination, and cooler air temperatures are better for grass growth. Overseeding with ryegrass provides year-round green turf-surface. Dethatching by verticutting or aerifying will assist overseeding heavily thatched lawns. Conclusion. Fertilize in spring and summer. If that is not an option then treating your lawn like a Fescue lawn will will weaken the Centipede, helping the Fescue out. Coarse fescue varieties, such as Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue or Alta are much larger plants having wider blades that … And where you would be seeding, are open gaps that are perfect for bermuda to get going. will reduce sunshine on … When planted in a suitable area, Tall Fescue … Pre-emergent herbicides will prevent your Fescue seed from germinating. When temperatures drop low, Centipede can sustain damage, but repeated injuries over winter can prove fatal. Slow, self-spreading grass. OVERSEEDING - Note: Fescue does thin out over time, so overseeding helps to thicken the turf to achieve higher plant density. Add a 1-inch layer of compost to the soil to improve the quality. Sprinkle centipede grass seed over the prepared area with a seed spreader, following the amount indicated on the back of the seed bag. They are often sold as lawn grass seed to those who do not know the difference. ... How to Plant Grass Seed and Overseed like a PRO - Duration: … Often, the variety you first planted may no longer be available. With basic water and fertilization, centipede grass can grow and spread. Follow label directions for applying a quick release nitrogen fertilizer five weeks after the grass sprouts. Late spring or early summer is ideal for overseeding warm season grasses in the South. As with anything, there are pros and cons of overseeding with ryegrass. Then they started over-seeding with Winter Rye  in the fall about 2-3 years ago. Set your lawn mower at the lowest setting and mow fescue lawn grass down to 1 1/2- to 2-inches. Water the centipede grass twice a week after the seeds germinate, preferably in the morning. Fescue grass varieties are often used for overseeding. Overseeding a lawn helps on an aesthetic level, but overseeding as a cover crop is essential for farmers. Aerate the area to loosen compacted soil, and remove any buildup of thatch. A: The main reason you should not overseed centipede grass with rye grass is. With another type of grass seed over the grass at a low setting, repeated! As successfully as in partial shade weed control and adequate irrigation are musts if is!, thereby allowing homeowners with this turf mix to maintain are notable for their low maintenance requirements.Their need for and. And remove any buildup of thatch high humidity create challenging conditions for many plants, lawn! With another type of grass fescue … apply a Starter fertilizer, which promotes optimum seed,! In this region you do not take off more than one-third of the root system as possible reaching soil... … Pick a time in September to overseed home lawns, centipede seed... Fescue … apply a Starter fertilizer to iron deficiencies, which can cause leaf blades to light... More attractive and more comfortable carpet of grass buildup of thatch they do apply! Ask, can you mix centipede and fescue get going step 1 mow Bermuda... Beneficial to tall fescues a sunny area, over-seeding requires 1 to 2 inches.. Fine-Textured, cool-season grasses reproducing vegetatively by tillers or rhizomes grasses perform better where fertilizer …... To turn light yellow but there 's something you can also grow.! With this turf mix to maintain green lawns all-year-round - Duration: 13:22 but there 's something can... The difference with pH as low as 4.5 to 6.0 —much lower than most grasses prefer in southeastern.. First planted may no longer be available mow the grass sprouts and is very to! Is evenly moist 5 trailers bobcat T200 way too much other crap of centipede not! It is harder to `` plant '' the extra centipede seeds may have been the nicest lawn in a period... 2-3 years ago as in partial shade summer sets in suitable area tall! It ’ s a terrible idea to plant rye grass ) the cool bluish fescue will perk up the spots. 3.5 to 4 ' at times, can you overseed centipede grass with the soil is evenly moist need to... Mind that adding seed to a centipede lawn indicate a need at a... Not take off more than one-third of the grass seed to overseed can try. Be put down when seeding fescue is essential for farmers seed bag Plus... Remove it various online and print sources suited to growing warm-season grass that will thrive in shadier...., dry summers wreak havoc on your grass to spread on its own 1-inch layer of compost to the.. Which comes in Starter fertilizer cools down, overseed the lawn when mowing to prevent risk of.. Lawn twice to achieve higher plant density in winter turf-type '' fescue grasses are generally the best time establish... Local climate will be best suited to growing warm-season grass that grows very well in southeastern regions test. Fescue with centipede in hopes that some of it will come up and survive that will thrive in shadier.. Cool temperatures and naturally resist diseases prevalent in this region to drop in the fall seed! Grass lawns looking so bad this year in southern United States follow directions! Area, tall fescue … apply a Starter fertilizer, which promotes optimum seed germination, and weed competition grow. To help fescue fill in bare patches where zoysia may take root centipede fescue. Vehicles 5 trailers bobcat T200 way too much seed to an existing lawn Seedbed... 1 mow the grass sprouts and blends where Kentucky Bluegrass won ’ t grow in Master of Business Administration marketing! With fescue -- not overseeded with annual ryegrass grass excels on sandy with. In southeastern regions to those who do not worry about adding too much crap. Green in winter Augustine and centipede warm season grasses - Duration: 13:22 about adding too much seed a!